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Why doesn't everyone use a heat pump?

Renewable energyPosted by Adrian Thu, January 29, 2015 04:43PM

So what has happened to heat pumps in this country? When I decided to give up my gas qualification and install heat pumps i genuinely assumed that heat pumps would be the future and demand would provide me with a good income installing them. I was wrong.

Here i am 8 years later I have only installed a handful of them and the last one being 3 years ago I think the reasons for heat pumps not being mainstream are many but it still surprises me when you look abroad to Germany and see that 85 per cent of new build has a heat pump in one form or another.

The bottom line I feel is there is no real reason for most people in this country to have one and that's from me who know heat pumps correctly installed are fantastic. The reason is that most people don't give shit about renewable energy and the environment, they just want to know how much its going to cost them to have it installed and generally that is going to be a 'lot' more than a conventional boiler.

OK the long term gains are going to be good say in 10 years time, but how many people think that far ahead and more likely they will have moved house more than once in that time anyway.

The big stumbling block in all this is simple - electricity - and why it costs 3 times as much as Gas after all even the worst heat pump installation will be more energy efficient than a fossil fuel gas boiler polluting the atmosphere.

Only when the government gets of it's 'arse ' and starts to develop electric generation on a large scale effectively and bring the cost of it in line with gas prices will i have any hope of making a living form installing heat pumps.

And don get me started on the energy supplier gangster quangos, well not until my next blog.